Below is an overview of publications using Legolas. If you have used the code in your research and would like to be listed here, please contact us.

Reference Links
Legolas 2.0: Improvements & extensions to an MHD spectroscopic framework, N. Claes & R. Keppens, 2023, Computer Physics Communications, submitted. -
An MHD eigenspectrum approach to thermal instabilities, N. Claes, PhD Thesis (Promotor Prof. R. Keppens), KU Leuven, May 2022. PDF
Legolas: magnetohydrodynamic spectroscopy with viscosity and Hall current, J. De Jonghe, N. Claes & R. Keppens, 2022, Journal of Plasma Physics 88, 905880321 (25pp). PDF
Magnetohydrodynamic Spectroscopy of a Non-adiabatic Solar Atmosphere, N. Claes & R. Keppens, 2021, Sol. Phys. 296, 143 (24pp). PDF
Legolas: A Modern Tool for Magnetohydrodynamic Spectroscopy, N. Claes, J. De Jonghe & R. Keppens, 2020, ApJ Supplement Series 251, 25 (28pp). PDF